The Online Business Growth Roadmap by Kase Dean

The Online Business Growth Roadmap


Learn How to Confidently Use Online Marketing to Grow Your Business Without Wasting Anymore Time or Money

What is The Online Business Growth Roadmap?

The Online Business Growth Roadmap is a 9 module training and group coaching program designed to help experienced (purpose-driven) service business owners and entrepreneurs build a recurring-revenue business that generates a minimum of £5K to 20k per month in sales through digital marketing and sales automation.

The whole aim of The Online Business Growth Roadmap is to help you build:

  • A business that can function without your direct intervention.
  • A business that has the ability to grow and scale.
  • A business that will generate enough sales, revenue and profits for you to invest in the personnel and technical resources that will give you the time freedom and financial freedom you deserve and desire.

Who is The Online Business Growth Roadmap For?

The Online Business Growth Roadmap is for you if:

  • You are a service business owner that provides help to businesses or individuals
  • Do not have proven and predictable system for getting clients
  • Are yet to generate a steady £5K per month in revenue with your business
  • Don’t have a clear marketing strategy and feel intimidated by the amount of options available
  • Want to own a business that encourages you to spend less time at the office
  • Want to leverage your knowledge, skills and experience and stop trading your time for low wages
  • Want to build a business that has a real impact on your clients, your community
  • Want to package your expertise into a repeatable, high-value service
  • Want to avoid begging or coercing people to work with you
  • Are not sure how to attract your ideal clients
  • Are not sure how you can make more money without working more hours
  • Have at least 4 hours per week to work on your business
  • Would like a 75% done-for-you, step-by-step process for building a recurring-revenue business
  • Would like the support and guidance of an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist to give you direction and focus your attention on the things you need to do each week to grow your business
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How Does The Online Business Growth Roadmap Work?

The Online Business Growth Roadmap is a 9 module training and group coaching program that shows you how to build a recurring-revenue business based on your most valuable asset: the unique transformation you provide to your clients.

The training is grouped into three phases:


You’ll start by creating a solid foundation for your future success.  You will define your purpose-driven and financial goals for yourself and your business. 

Define the organisational and operational structure you will need for your short term and long term success. 

You will also identify your ideal client, target market and define the specialisation (your niche) that you will use to serve your target market.
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In this phase of the program, around week 4, we will begin working on your signature system; the core technique you will use to get the “number one result” for your ideal client. 

You will create a suite of passive income products that will form a value ladder, bridging the gap between your free content and your signature system.  

Then you will create first of many high value entry offers that will be used to transform your targeted website visitors into customers, leads and potential customers.
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In the final phase of the training program, you will use empathy, strategy and technology to build an automated marketing and sales system that will completely revolutionise your business.  

This system will use lead magnets, landing pages, email marketing and sales automation to turn your targeted websites into leads, your leads into prospects, and your prospects into sales and clients – on auto-pilot – 24/7 365.
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Training Program Modules

Module 1 - Your Goals
Your Personal Goals
Your Personal Income Grid
Module 2 - Your Business
Your Business Vision
Your Business Structure
Module 3 - Your Ideal Client
Who Do You Want to Work With?
Your Goals For Your Ideal Client
What You Bring to The Market
Module 4 - Your Signature Service
What is a Signature Service?
Your Signature Service: The Benefits
Mapping Out Your Signature Service
Module 5 - Your Product Ladder
Why You Need a Product Ladder
The 30K Drop
Module 6 - Your Entry Offer
Lead Magnets on Steroids
Rapid Entry Offer Creation
Module 7 - Preparing Your Funnel
The Fundamentals of Effective Marketing
Tags and Tracking
Preparing Your Squeeze Page
Preparing Your Up-selling Thank You Page
Preparing Your Application Form
Preparing Your Emails
Module 8 - Build Your Funnel
Building Your Squeeze Page
Building Your Up-selling Thank You Page
Setting Up Your Emails and Automations