Are You Struggling to Build a Successful and Profitable Online Business?

I Will Show You How to Package Your Existing Knowledge, Skills and Expertise Into a Profitable Online Business That Can Work WITHOUT You.

But first, let's get real...

Growing a small business with limited funds is difficult.  Super difficult.  Some days it is soul-crushingly difficult.

As a business owner, you have four main areas of responsibility to oversee:

  1. Getting clients
  2. Service delivery
  3. Increasing revenue
  4. Business administration

These are essential responsibilities that you have to do in order to keep your business alive. 

But, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in your working week to take care of everything. 

Any Day Now

You may still be working a full-time job. 

You may still be holding on for that moment when you are seeing stable and increasing revenue from your business.

But, you can’t have that stable and increasing revenue until you get more clients and sales.

And, you can’t get more clients and sales if you don’t consistently and effectively market your business.

The Business Growth Dilemma

I don’t need to tell you that you need to invest in marketing for your services and products.

You need to invest time, money and energy to market your business.

If you don’t invest time, money and energy to market your business, your business and/or your dreams will die. 

If your business does not generate enough revenue to feed itself, you and the taxman - it is failing.

It is slowly dying.  It needs to generate revenue and it needs people to consistently invest in your services.

You may not need a 1000 customers.

You may need only 10 and there are definitely at least 10 people within 7.7 billion in the world who would happily pay you for your services.

But without a plan to:

  1. Reach those people
  2. Help those people discover you

Your business will eventually die and no amount of hoping and praying will change that fact. 

Ideal Clients Power Your Business

However, attracting more ideal clients who are able to pay for your services, powers your business. 

Sales generate revenue that facilitates your business growth. 

You’ll be able to put in place a team and gain more time to vision the future of your life and business.

You’ll be able to teach your business how to work for you so that you can spend more time doing what you truly love. 

Sales Keep Your Business Alive

Sales are the life force of your business that keeps it alive and pushes it from just simply surviving to consistently thrive. 

Stable and increasing sales will take you from stress and strife to living the best version of your life.

As a purpose-driven coach and consultant, it frustrates me to see life-changing business owners struggle to generate clients, revenue and profits.

Especially because I have been exactly where you are - desperately looking for a way to turn my business into a resounding success.

Fight hard against external and internal problems.

My Business Almost Died and It Was All My Fault!

Sad Black Woman.png 267.85 KB

It was one of the worst feelings I had ever experienced.

It was a conversation that left my whole world shellshocked.

It was the day my long-term (and highest paying) client told me that we could no longer continue working together.

I could not fucking believe what I was hearing. I did not see it coming at all.

I heard the main words and phrases that told me that it was all over but the rest of the words she told me were muffled like listening to a TV from the room below it.

There was nothing I had done to bring this about or deserve it.   

My client had lost a few of her clients in one go, her business revenue had shrunk and this was a knock-on effect.

I was basically being made redundant due to economic reasons 

Very soon there will be a 6K per month hole in my finances.

Shit, shit, shit and shit!!

Not Working On The Right Things

Sad Black Man.png 329.45 KB

Remember when I said that there was nothing I had done to bring this about or deserve it? 

Well, there was definitely something I didn't do that made me 100% responsible for what happened. 

What didn't I do? 

I didn't spend enough time working on my business. 

I didn't spend enough time marketing and selling my services. 

I relied too heavily on referrals. 

I allowed a couple of clients to make up 80% of my revenue. 

So, how did losing 80% of my revenue make me feel? 

Feeling Like a Failure

I felt like a failure. 

I was obliged to get a "normal" job to help pay the bills. 

I say help pay the bills because the salary from my job was nowhere close to what I needed to help support a family of four. 

I had to dust off my CV and send it in to the job market abyss via numerous application forms. 

I pretended to be okay with the measly salary that I was offered and promised to work hard for the good of the company. 

Feeling Demoralised

I was in a low paid job and overqualified for the role. 

I ended up working around 50 hours a week splitting my time between my full-time job and keeping my business alive. 

I spent a lot less time with my wife and my kids, and I was miserable or despondent when I did. 

I was in constant conflict. 

I despised working a 9 to 5 job but at the same time, I needed a steady income.

Thankfully, my wife had a well-paying job and her salary more than covered our essential bills.

Every month that passed took with it a little more of my confidence.

The job was supposed to be temporary but after 9 months I was still working there and I couldn’t see a way out.

Feeling Incomplete

The failure and lack of confidence that I felt led me to isolate myself from friends and counterparts.

It was a lonely existence and I had no idea who to turn to.

I bought a lot of different courses in marketing.  They were good courses.  Expensive but useful.

The problem was they all seemed to be missing something.

I was gaining skills and knowledge but my marketing efforts still didn’t translate into a consistent stream of leads and clients.

All of this changed when I met my coach.

The Path to Passive Income and Recurring Revenue

My Business Works For Me.png 211.34 KB

He taught me how to build a solid foundation for my success based on three core factors:

  • What I want
  • What I want my business to be
  • Who I want to work with

I learned that I needed to separate myself from my business and make it work for me.

I learned that I needed to get clarity about my core offer and also have a suite of products that could be sold without my direct intervention.

I learned how to build a multi-faceted, recurring revenue business that allows me to help more people and make more money than I have dreamed possible.

I learned that I needed to focus more on business growth strategy and less on marketing and sales tactics.

I was able to finally leave the corporate world of 9 to 5, low paid work and now I have a much shorter working week.

I am able to spend much more time with my family and when I do, I am really present for them.

You would never build a house without an architectural blueprint and it makes no sense at all to attempt building a 5 Figure business without a solid strategic plan.

I want to share with you what I have learned about growing a passive income and recurring-revenue business.

Hi, I'm Kase Dean

I'm an Online Business Strategy Coach and Consultant AKA The Sales While You Sleep Consultant.

I will help you package your existing knowledge, skills and expertise into a profitable online business that will transform your life and the life of the people you care most about.

A business that will be able to operate without you.

A business that will work hard to support your personal and professional goals.

Learn More About Working With Me

Introducing The Business Growth Roadmap

I have created a coaching and consulting program called The Business Growth Roadmap that will show you how to create a passive income and recurring-revenue business that will help you reach your maximum income potential:

  • a full client book and never having to work with people you don't want to work with ever again.
  • an active waiting list of people wanting to work with you, being able to turn clients down and never ever worrying about losing a client.
  • know exactly what to do to generate clients on demand.
  • feel a lot more confident and in control of your business growth
  • build, grow and manage a profitable business that supports your lifestyle 
  • attract the clients that you are meant to work with
  • position yourself and your business as the #1 choice in your industry
  • spend less time in the office and more time enjoying what life has to offer
  • spend less time stressing about money, comfortably pay your bills and also save for the future
  • identify and use the growth strategies and tactics that are right for you
  • eliminate procrastination and decision paralysis
  • attract higher-paying and more profitable customers
  • ensure that you receive the personal income you need to live the life you want
  • ensure the profitability and financial sustainability of your business
  • learn how to profitably price your service and products without losing your ideal clients
  • discover and commit to the most profitable niche for your business
  • become a successful, profitable and proud business owner
  • turn your website into a finely tuned marketing and sales machine
  • wake up motivated and energised to work on your business
  • use your business to improve your local community
  • find the moral conviction within your business goals
  • discover and create purpose-driven goals for yourself, your business and your clients
  • get your business to work for you instead of you working hard for your business
  • gain time freedom to work on your passion project

From Inconsistent Sales to Consistent Revenue

I know that the steps necessary to take a business with potential from inconsistent sales to consistent revenue are clear and simple.

It doesn’t take long to research the information, strategies and tactics needed.  
We all have access to seemingly infinite amounts of information via smartphones that never seem to leave our palms.

Whether it’s creating a marketing funnel, building a website, using social media to generate sales, using paid advertising to attract customers…

We know that we live in amazing times and anything that we put our minds to is possible.

But it is only possible if we stop dreaming and learning, and start doing.

Easier Said Than Done

I know first hand that this is easier said than done.

You have so much going, and you’re so focused on keeping your business afloat that you rarely have the time to put together a plan for your business evolution, let alone implement that plan.

Many times you know exactly what needs to be done and at other times you have no clue at all about the direction you should take.

So, you end up doing what you’ve always done.

You end up working as hard as you can to keep the clients you have and hope for a break in your schedule to improve your business - so that you can make more money, get some help and not have to work so hard. 

Unfortunately, hoping and praying will never lead to a profitable, recurring-revenue business that gives you financial freedom and time freedom to leave life on your own terms.

The thing is, a lot of the time, you know the exact steps you need to take.

So, then why is it so hard?

Why Is Building a Successful Business Taking You So Long?

I believe that it’s because you are doing this all on your own.

It is not easy to impose structure and accountability upon yourself.

Look, It took me a long time to get my business where it is today.

It was bloody difficult.  There were many, many days when I wondered why the hell I was doing this to myself.

Today, I am super proud, humble and grateful for my business. 

But I had to overcome the “lost and helpless” feeling that almost wrecked my life and my business.

How to Build a Business Using a Step-by-Step Structure

I had to get help and I got that help from my coach who helped me learn a lot with my personal and professional growth.

Thank you, Coach!

He taught me how to build a business using a step-by-step structure.

This framework helped me deal with the emotional upheaval and factors and doubts that affect us all when we are trying to build something that is bigger than ourselves.

In addition to working with my coach, I also worked closely with other purpose-driven experts and collated what I learned and implemented into my very own digital marketing and online business growth system.

What is The Business Growth Roadmap?

The Business Growth Roadmap is a training, coaching and consulting program designed to help experienced (purpose-driven) service business owners and entrepreneurs build a recurring-revenue business that generates a minimum of £5K to 20k per month in sales through digital marketing and sales automation. 

The Business Growth Roadmap is designed to help you build: 

  • A business that can function without your direct intervention.  
  • A business that has the ability to grow and scale.  
  • A business that will generate enough sales, revenue and profits for you to invest in the personnel and technical resources that will give you the time freedom and financial freedom you deserve and desire.

Who is The Business Growth Roadmap For?

The Business Growth Roadmap is for you if:

  • You are a service business owner or entrepreneur that provides help to businesses or individuals such as consulting, accounting, maintenance etc..
  • Do not have a proven and predictable system for getting clients
  • Are yet to generate a steady £5K per month in revenue with your business
  • Don’t have a clear marketing strategy and feel intimidated by the number of options available
  • Want to own a business that encourages you to spend less time at the office
  • Want to leverage your knowledge, skills and experience and stop trading your time for low wages
  • Want to build a business that has a real impact on your clients, your community 
  • Want to create a signature system
  • Want to avoid begging or coercing people to work with you
  • Are not sure how to attract your ideal clients
  • Are not sure how you can make more money without working more hours
  • Have at least 4 hours per week to work on your business
  • Would like a 75% done-for-you, step-by-step process for building a recurring-revenue business
  • Would like the support and guidance of an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist to give you direction and focus your attention on the things you need to do each week to grow your business

How Does The Business Growth Roadmap Work?

This is the 9-step roadmap for building a predictable and repeatable system for increasing the amount of qualified leads your business generates.


The program is grouped into three distinct phases:


You’ll start by creating a solid foundation for your future success.  

You will define your purpose-driven and financial goals for yourself and your business.  

You will also identify your ideal client, target market and define the specialisation (your niche) that you will use to serve your target market.


We will begin working on your signature system; the core technique you will use to get the “number one result” for your ideal client. 

You will create a suite of passive income products that will form a value ladder, bridging the gap between your free content and your signature system.  

Then you will create the first of many high-value entry offers that will be used to transform your targeted website visitors into potential customers and sales.


In the final phase, you will build an automated marketing system that will completely revolutionise your business.  

This system will use lead magnets, landing pages, email marketing and sales automation to turn your targeted websites into leads, your leads into prospects, and your prospects into sales and clients - on auto-pilot - 24/7 365.

You will also learn how to create multiple streams of income and implement smart delegation and build your dream team.

The Business Growth Roadmap Includes:

  • Training Modules on building a predictable and repeatable marketing system
  • Monthly Q&A Consulting Calls
  • Lifetime access to the full course and all future updates
  • Training and worksheets on marketing strategy, sales, product creation, marketing and sales automation
  • Module 1: Create purpose-driven goals for your personal life
  • Module 2: Create purpose-driven goals for your business
  • Module 3: Create purpose-driven goals for your ideal client
  • Module 4: Create your signature system (your premium service)
  • Module 5: Create your value ladder of passive income products
  • Module 6: Create your entry offers
  • Module 7: Design your marketing system
  • Module 8: Build your marketing system
  • Module 9: Launch your marketing system
  • Additional training about all aspects of online business development including goal setting, productivity, delegation and team building

How Much Does The Business Growth Roadmap Cost?

Hiring me and my team to build and manage your automated marketing and sales system would require a monthly budget between £2,500 and £10,000 per month.

The Business Growth Roadmap training program is usually an investment £7500.

Now, I know that you are probably pretty far from being willing to invest £7500 in me

I am sure that you would be willing to invest that amount in your success and your future but you may not be ready to invest that kind of money with me right now.

So, I have a very accessible monthly option for you...

Karen Cruise Talks About Working With Kase Dean

Karen is The Young People's Life Coach and when we met it was clear that her online presence did not reflect her or her business effectively.

More importantly, she was not focused on building a business that worked for her. 

She was working far too hard for her business.

Since we have begun working together, Karen has become a lot clearer about her target market, her ideal client and niche.

Karen has also launched her first marketing system (AKA funnel) and has been attracting work from as far a field as Singapore.

This is my guarantee to you:

If at any time within the first 60 days of our work together, you are even beginning to feel like you are not getting the results that you should be, just let me know and I will not only cancel your payment plan, I will also refund you that first month in full.

No questions asked.

Now, to be clear, if you complete the program and are getting results, and then decide to request a refund - that would not at all be fair to everyone else that has paid full price to be in the program - to give you a full refund.

That doesn’t seem right, does it?

This is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your business. 

This training program will help you build the successful and profitable business you have always wanted but has always seemed just out of reach.

I only want to ever create valuable, useful and transformational products for. 

If you ever feel like you are not getting value from the training program, I will refund your current month.  No questions asked.

So to be clear, my guarantee is that you can get a 100% refund within 60 days of starting the program. 

No questions asked.


Kase’s work is extremely thorough and detailed. He seeks to understand every aspect of your business, and how it fits together. He is almost like a doctor diagnosing a problem, and then doing what he can to make you feel better. But in this instance, it is about making our business work better. 
Lorraine Whyte - CEO, Soul Solutions Ltd
I worked with FunnelPress Marketing to develop my marketing strategy.  I can’t thank Kase Dean enough. He helped me completely change my scope for not only my business but my life also.
Paula Balfe - Founder & CEO, Pin Kushion
FunnelPress Marketing will not only re-educate you on what YOU think you know about business, sales, and marketing but they will also accompany you step by step in the implementation of a Sales & Marketing strategy that is specially tailored for you. 
Laëtitia Kafunda - CEO, Madame Rêve Agency

What Should You Do If You Are Still Unsure About Whether or Not The Business Growth Roadmap is Right For You?

If you are unsure whether The Business Growth Roadmap training program is for you and you would like to discuss your suitability, click here to apply for a Business Growth Discovery session.

You would be directed to an application form where you will tell us about your business, your current digital marketing efforts, and your goals.

During the discovery call, we will verify your suitability and answer any questions you have about the program.

Click the orange button below to apply for a 1-2-1 Business Growth Discovery Call.